Successful online presence starts with well thought-out website design and content delivery which accurately represents your brand and what your business offers


Let TDS re-vamp or build you a brand new website today.​

Our team love designing captivating websites for businesses. We can design your new website from scratch, or give new life to your current website.​

Whether you are a large corporate looking for a size appropriate website with intranet or client login facility, or a SME looking for a smaller website – TDS is the right team to get the job done! We realise the importance of your website design being visually appealing as well as functional integration with E-Commerce, Blogs, Newsletters and Social Media. We build your website to maximise customer engagement.

All businesses have different requirements, that’s why all our website designs are quoted on individually.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll bring your one-of-a-kind website to life.


We will help you set up and purchase your domain name.​

We provide domain name registration, domain parking, annual hosting renewal and management services. We cater for all types of domains, from local South African to International domains, keeping you connected 24/7.​

We will guide you through the selection and hosting process most relevant to your business’s identity and industry needs.​

Contact us to find out more about our hosting services.


Do you want to start making money from your website by turning it into an E-Commerce site?​

Let our expert team guide you all the way through the integration journey and how best to roll it out. We’re happy to meet with you (face-to-face or via Skype) to put a plan into action. Part of our success has been simplifying the process and successfully moving many businesses from traditional brick and mortar operations to running exclusively online!

We are able to cost effectively give your chosen website platform amazing online shopping capabilities and payment options, streamlining the buying process for your customer.​

Get in touch and let’s build your E-Commerce site today!


How else would you measure your performance?​

TDS provides website analytic services using Google Analytics, a world renowned leader in website performance monitoring and visitor tracking. We provide consultations, account setup, website integration, automatic reports, customised reports and make relevant suggestions to yield the best ROI (Return on Investment).​

We supply monthly reports that are included in your retainer charges. This means we carry out improvements to your website or marketing strategies based on the result of the previous month’s performance reports.​

Google Analytics are VERY IMPORTANT and track metrics such as:​

  • Website visitors and information (origin, source, geographic location, time, bounce rates etc).
  • Behavioural patterns of visitors (tracking the flow of visitors through your website’s pages).
  • E-Commerce stats and drop off rates (purchase behaviour, why and when visitors abandon the cart etc).
  • Blog and Newsletter performance (see who is clicking on which links).

To get to where you, your website and marketing should to be, you need to know where you are today.

Contact us to let TDS help you research your current performance stats and assist in working out a fine-tuned strategy to achieve your goals.


If your company’s website and software security was breached, how much would you stand to lose? Is it really worth the risk?​

You protect your companies premises, vehicles, office equipment and computers, but are you protecting your website? Is it adequately protected against being hacked?​

The bottom line is, regular website security maintenance is vital.​

Thousands of websites worldwide are hacked every single day. This can range from defacing websites and showing unsolicited visual content, to something more malicious such as theft of your customers’ personal or business data.​

TDS has a very cost effective monthly security maintenance plan so you can protect yourself from these threats. We’ve adopted best industry standards and latest security information available to make sure that your website is protected.


What do you need to use SEO for your business?

SEO traffic is more likely to convert than other sources of traffic. In fact, search traffic has the best conversion rates for most websites. By positioning yourself on search engines, you are positioning your business to win more conversions and do more business with existing and future clients!

Have you fully optimised your performance on SEO?
It is easy to search for a company if you type in the full web address, however, getting your business to be listed at the top of Google when people search for the names of your products or services is the art of SEO!

Is it a costly exercise?
It can be, however, we can optimise your website to differing levels. Ultimately, the more you spend on optimising your website to the maximum level possible, the higher your Google rankings will climb. Is it worth the money? Well, you need to ask yourself how valuable it is to you to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results? Most businesses achieve excellent returns on their investment from SEO done well!

Chat to us today, let’s make it happen!


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