How you drive the traffic through to your website and landing pages, how you collect customer’s data, how you successfully target your unique customer market determines how many leads you will acquire and ultimately how much money you will make…


Are you marketing to the wrong audience? This is like winking at someone in the dark, it doesn’t work!

We want you to get the most out of your digital marketing. We do this by utilising the multi-platform approach to digital marketing which includes targeted internet display advertising (behavioural, keyword, ad networks), mobile targeting, geo-targeting, video pre-roll advertising, re-targeting campaigns, SEO, Facebook and Instagram news feed targeting, mobile conquesting, native advertising, as well as household IP targeting. ​

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“Marketing strategy is a series of integrated actions leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.” – John Sculley

Regardless of the industry you operate in and the services or products you offer, marketing is one of the most important things to focus on. Effective marketing builds brand awareness, increases sales, expands your business and engages customers.

 Most businesses either are a little bit lost when it comes to purposeful marketing, or they have various people within their team that want to be involved – but they need assistance with their marketing strategy, delivery and execution. We assist businesses by providing a marketing consultation service supporting business on a monthly retainer basis. We have regular meetings as outlined below and full back-office support from our highly skilled TDS team.​

 All our plans are data driven with “Analytics Reports”, covering all your business marketing avenues including your website, social media, email marketing and paid ads. We assess and analyse the stats, providing you with feedback on the previous months, as well as appropriate suggestions on areas to improve in the months ahead. TDS then provides an action-based strategy with hands-on support to make effective goals are achieved. We strive to constantly improve all areas of your marketing, keeping a close eye on your ROI – Return on Investment.

Our Monthly Consultancy packages consist of the following:


R2 500 per month
Up to 5 Hours Per Month consultancy & support​
  • Evaluations and support in web services, graphic design & online marketing strategies
  • Monthly analytics reports for web, social media and newsletters
  • One Meeting to be held via Skype


R5 000 per month
Up to 10 Hours Per Month consultancy & support​
  • Evaluations and support in web services, graphic design & online marketing strategies
  • Monthly analytics reports for web, social media and newsletters
  • One Meeting to be held via Skype


R10 000 per month
Up to 20 Hours Per Month consultancy & support​
  • Evaluations and support in web services, graphic design & online marketing strategies
  • Monthly analytics reports for web, social media and newsletters
  • Two Meeting to be held via Skype


Want to increase your companies online Digital Footprint? Have you considered a blog? Good blog content can result in more ENGAGEMENT and will strengthen your SEO, creating more sales opportunities!

Some people believe that blogs are no longer needed and have been replaced by social media. This is very far from the reality of what is really happening in the digital space. Social media from a business perspective is intended to drive traffic to your website, and rather than always directing users to information about your services – and the best destination is regularly updated content-rich blogs. Entertain, captivate, impart wisdom and offer great value. This will naturally entice your website visitor to explore the rest of your website, allowing you to engage with them further and turn that visitor into a paying customer.

At TDS, we put a lot of thought and planning into creating exceptional blog content. Our blog management includes content structure (after the client provides us with the foundation of the content) and images that tie in with the content.​

TDS will drive your branding, proofreading, SEO – search engine optimisation, internal and external link tracking, response to comments, analytics and performance monitoring. We then make sure your blog is promoted on other industry relevant forums which will also possibly require paid exposure using SMM – Social Media Management.

Let us show you the power of effective blogging today!


Are you building peoples trust in your brand through effective newsletter management?

Are you keeping in touch with your existing customers by making them aware of your latest news, successes, new products, services and promotions? Up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers is a lot cheaper and easier than selling to new clients. ​

Maybe you see the value in this, but just can’t find the time to execute it. Let the TDS team assist your business in communicating with your current customer base using newsletter management.

We draw up a schedule 3,6 or 12 months in advance to help guide the structure of each month’s newsletter. Each month, your newsletter will contain specific content together with your latest news and details about promotions or product launches.​

Are you ready to add this to your marketing strategy today? Contact us!


Is your company advertising on the correct platform to the correct audience?

PPC or pay-per-click is a great way to work with a set budget and draw quality leads to your website. TDS uses multiple platforms to market your particular product or service where we can place your ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Our starting point to be effective with PPC is R3000.00 and we add a 25% TDS management fee. This fee includes consultation, setup of PPC (advert) account, content creation, proofreading, image design, ad performance monitoring and reporting on metrics on the completion of your ad.

Using TDS definitely outweighs trying to do it yourself. We work with these platforms daily and keep up to date with current digital trends, tips and tricks to get you the best return on your ROI – Return on Investment.​

Let’s get you some more customers right away, touch base with us now!


What do you need to use SEO for your business?

SEO traffic is more likely to convert than other sources of traffic. In fact, search traffic has the best conversion rates for most websites. By positioning yourself on search engines, you are positioning your business to win more conversions and do more business with existing and future clients!​

Have you fully optimised your performance on SEO?
It is easy to search for a company if you type in the full web address, however, getting your business to be listed at the top of Google when people search for the names of your products or services is the art of SEO!​

Is it a costly exercise?
It can be, however, we can optimise your website to differing levels. Ultimately, the more you spend on optimising your website to the maximum level possible, the higher your Google rankings will climb. Is it worth the money? Well, you need to ask yourself how valuable it is to you to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results? Most businesses achieve excellent returns on their investment from SEO done well!​

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If your company uses social media to market it’s products or services, you need a social media management plan and strategy in place!

Social Media has opened up the world to some interesting conversations, powered by the internet which has resulted in the birthing of an environment where your business will sadly and slowly fade away if you don’t ENGAGE. ADAPT and GROW into this exciting new reality.​

If all this sounds foreign to you or it seems to overwhelm you, then TDS is exactly what you need to get this done well! Our team has years of experience in promoting businesses using social media with proven results. We do all the hard work from the start. From planning your content, maximising on creativity, regular posting of updates and tracking engagement, responding to queries, reputation management to analytical reporting. ​

Lets get you into the social space to start making an REAL impact!


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