Meaningful brand identity helps your customers relate to your brand, clearly defines what you have to offer and conveys what you do in a cohesive way


Are you proud to hand out your business card?​

Your business card speaks to potential customers before you’ve even said a word. TDS can help you do this best! Our creative team wants to give you a business card that conveys the right message.​

Speak to us if you want to upgrade your current business card or even better, let us create a complete new one.


Is your CI – Corporate/Brand Identity allowing you to be noticed more than your competitors?

The TDS team can help you get it right the first time. Whether you are a start-up or considering re-branding, we can assist you from start to finish. Your CI needs to convey a message of professionalism in your specific industry. From business cards, letterheads, email signatures to invoice templates etc, we will develop and design a CI that helps your customers engage with you.​

Make your corporate identity work for your business.


Is your promotional material actually making an impact?

In a world where every business is trying to be noticed, it is so important that your promotional material STANDS OUT above the rest.

Our designers can help your brand be noticed.

Services include: full-colour brochures, flyers, posters, catalogues and more…

TDS have completed promotional material design for many big brands, and are ready to work with you on your next project.


The quality of your packaging can make or break the success of your product lines.

We realise how important it is to grab your customer’s attention and entice them into buying your product. Partner on this journey with the TDS team who is highly skilled and experienced in strategic and innovative packaging design.​

Whatever your product range, don’t hesitate to chat to us about maximising you efforts for your best ROI (return on investment).


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